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Environmental Statement

At Wedderburn, we have an active strategy to minimise waste, reduce CO2 emissions and maximise our positive contribution to the local environment. Managing our business and your experience in a sustainable way is not an aspiration for 2030; we’re doing it now.

The Natural Environment
This is what you notice first. Wedderburn is an oasis of wildlife. Depending on the season you may see hares, roe deer, brown and barn owls, buzzards and the pheasants, pigeon and rabbit they love to eat, ground and tree-nesting birds, plus the swallows and swifts that nest on the buildings and the bats and honey bees that live in the turrets. None of this happens by accident; we opt to maintain wild areas to advantage wildflowers and insects, we have planted belts of woodland (where the badgers have moved in) and we maintain many acres of old-growth pasture that is not cut until after the nesting season.

Wedderburn Castle is 20 times the volume of a modern family home. To reduce our carbon emissions as close to zero as possible, in 2018 we completed a £320,000 Ground Source heating system. This turns 1Kw of electricity into between 3.2 and 3.8Kw of heat. From March 2020 we enter a long-term contract for 100% wind energy from the North Sea. This investment has cut the castle’s carbon footprint by 97%, from well over 100t/year to roughly 1.3t/year. Our energy efficiency, combined with extensive tree planting, means the business as a whole is a carbon sink.

We maintain a strict programme of materials recycling where possible and responsible disposal when not. You’ll find labelled sorting bins to make recycling easy, and we suggest considering the exclusion of single-use or non-recyclable materials from your party plans. Great parties can easily be environmentally conscious.

As the majority of our guests drive to us, during 2020 our ambition is to install EV charge points at the Barns, and later at estate cottages and the castle. We will keep this page updated with any charge-point developments.

The Future
We have earmarked a further 5 acres for planting new woodland. Trees are worth the hype; if allowed to reach full size a beech or oak tree can easily reach 20 tonnes, locking up at least 32,000Kg CO2. That’s about 32 return flights to NY, or 165,000 miles in a car emitting 120g/Km. Dedicating land to trees is a long-term legacy that we actively invest in.

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